Sales Channel Management

Solving sales channel issues with experienced local experts

  distributor matching  |  new tech launch support  |  sales performance reports

Regulatory Compliance

Leading, local regulatory specialists dedicated to your medical device registrations, maintenance and renewals

    clinical trial data  |  reimbursement  |  in-country representation


Asia Actual provides sales channel and regulatory support to medical device and IVD manufacturers seeking improved performance in Asian markets. Our novel programs are designed and implemented by local leading professionals to achieve competitive advantages in complex Asian markets.

We offer hands-on, practical tools and support to grow sales in Asia for high risk and novel medical devices.

Providing clarity, predictability and results to medical device companies in complex and challenging Asian markets.

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The future is bright.

Asia Actual’s innovative approach of leveraging regulatory compliance to create novel sales channel management tools has made us the fastest growing consultancy in the region. The formula is a winning one. Come grow with us.